Learning React on AWS Cloud9

On my commute today I was listening to React Podcast with Michael Chan hosting, episode titled “Develop in the Cloud with Christina Holland.” Many tech podcasts I listen to are fantastic but often the subject matter is quite new to me and I tend to wish I could be looking things up as I listened or taking notes on things to check later, but driving doesn’t exactly cater to that behavior.

This podcast episode, however, had me nodding enthusiastically because it spoke about a topic that Christina gave a talk about at React Conf 2018: the cloud development process, and particularly React development in AWS Cloud9. I enjoyed the show thoroughly because I too have benefited from the beauty of developing in the cloud – in fact, AWS Cloud9 was really my true introduction to the cloud ecosystem. That’s right – it wasn’t EC2 or S3 or any other widely popular Amazon Web Service (although Cloud9 is backed by EC2.

What is AWS Cloud9?

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