Arizona State’s 100% Online Software Engineering Program – My Experience

Many adults and even some fresh high school graduates are increasingly interested in higher education that can be achieved using 100% online resources. People need to start or continue working, but they also want to gain a valuable education. Online programs are a natural way to go due to their flexibility; they allow you to do school-related work around all the other responsibilities an adult must manage. I went through this process, and I was weary of the scams out there with for-profit institutions pumping out degrees for the right price. I wanted a true education; I wanted to learn technical skills and have a reputable university on my résumé.

This is what ultimately led me to Arizona State’s BS in Software Engineering. I thought it might be useful to others that may be curious about what it’s like to complete a degree 100% online. I’ll outline the courses I took, what they consisted of, and comment on some other general aspects of being an online student. But before I do this, I need to provide a little background; feel free to scroll down to the specifics if you’re in a hurry for specific information.

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