Metric Visualization with Node, InfluxDB, and Grafana

Metric Visualization

There’s a lot of buzz in the software development sphere about metric visualization. Consequently, lots of developer tools have been introduced to assist with implementing these sorts of products. In this article, I’ll walk through setting up a simple visualization client for stock market data using Node.js, InfluxDB, and Grafana panels. But first, I’ll do a brief overview and quick setup of a couple of these technologies. I’ll assume the reader has some familiarity with Node.js, however.

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Learning React on AWS Cloud9

On my commute today I was listening to React Podcast with Michael Chan hosting, episode titled “Develop in the Cloud with Christina Holland.” Many tech podcasts I listen to are fantastic but often the subject matter is quite new to me and I tend to wish I could be looking things up as I listened or taking notes on things to check later, but driving doesn’t exactly cater to that behavior.

This podcast episode, however, had me nodding enthusiastically because it spoke about a topic that Christina gave a talk about at React Conf 2018: the cloud development process, and particularly React development in AWS Cloud9. I enjoyed the show thoroughly because I too have benefited from the beauty of developing in the cloud – in fact, AWS Cloud9 was really my true introduction to the cloud ecosystem. That’s right – it wasn’t EC2 or S3 or any other widely popular Amazon Web Service (although Cloud9 is backed by EC2.

What is AWS Cloud9?

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